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Church and Turret Clocks

Historic church clocks and turret clocks are an important part of our heritage and we believe in preserving that heritage wherever possible, so that future generations can enjoy them as much as we do.

We appreciate the problems faced by those responsible for such beautiful clocks – the difficulty finding someone to wind them regularly, the challenge of keeping the clock accurate and in some cases, having to handle complaints about night time bell strike.

With all this in mind, we design and manufacture a range of automatic clock winders, clock regulators and bell strike controls that solve your problems efficiently, economically and without compromising your clock’s originality.

  • Auto-winders
  • Automatic clock winders – so no need to find someone willing to do it manually (or climb all those stairs!)
  • Regulators
  • Clock regulators can keep previously inaccurate church clocks and turret clocks running within seconds of the correct time and automatically adjust for the BST/GMT time changes
  • Bell strike controls
  • These can be set to stop your church clock or turret clock striking at night time – so no need for neighbours to be disturbed by the bell strike during hours of darkness
  • All our auto-winders, clock regulators and bell strike controls are designed to be simply installed and can be shipped to any location (see our Case Studies page for examples)
    Please contact me for more information and to discuss how I can help with your particular church clock or turret clock Richard White


    Bell Strike Controller

    Our bell strike control unit enables bell strike times to be controlled manually or at pre-set times. Each timer unit can control single or multiple strike control mechanisms.

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    Richard White Clocks, specialist in preservation and repair of church and turret clocks. Automatic clock winding mechanism available, the autowinder reduces maintenance of tower and church clocks. Clock Regulators and Clock Strike control mechanisms have also been developed by this company for easy installation.