Maintenance & Repair

Clock Maintenance

The purpose of an annual maintenance visit is to clean and lubricate your clock and surrounding mechanism to ensure that it does not fail due to neglect. The visit also provides an opportunity for us to bring any maintenance issues to your attention and for the clock winder or tower keeper to seek advice on routine matters.

The annual fee covers the cost of one visit per year and includes the charge for putting right any minor faults. If subsequent visits are necessary, provided these can be made when we are in the area, it is unlikely that a charge would be made. Charges for any additional work would always be agreed beforehand.

Our annual fees for this service start at £150.00


Clock Repair

Ideally, we would visit your clock to inspect it and then send you a report together with a quotation for the work involved. In many cases, faults can be rectified in the course of fitting Automatic Winding equipment.

Please contact us with a brief description of the problem you are having with your clock and we will respond as quickly as possible.