The Automatic Clock Winder eliminates the need to wind your clock manually. It is a simple, dependable device powered by a safe low voltage supply with back-up battery. It is easy to fit and powerful enough to drive any type of church or tower turret clock. The winder can be supplied individually for fitting by an experienced mechanic or we can quote for a complete installation.

The stable clock at Lyndon Hall in Rutland had not run for 20 years because access for regular winding was very restricted. The installation of 2 AW40 Auto-drives and a pendulum regulator in March 2010 ensures that the clock is now working dependably without the need for regular attention. Please visit our ‘Case Studies’ section for more examples.


The winder drives the clock through the original mechanism by attachment to the winding square. It will fit any winding square shaft up to 26mm (1 inch) diameter. Two sets of screws secure the drive mechanism which makes the fitting very simple.

The robust 12 volt DC motor is powered by a mains powered stand-by battery arrangement that can power your clock for several days in the event of a power cut. There are two models: the AW40 which delivers a maximum winding torque of 35Nm (25lbft) and the AW 80 which delivers up to 80Nm (60lbft). Being a more compact device, the AW40 is ideal for smaller clocks where fitting space is restricted.

The drive is controlled by an adjustable tilt sensor which restricts its angular movement to approximately 5 degrees. This allows the auto-drive to be fitted in any radial position on the winding square thereby avoiding parts of the clock frame or enclosure.