Petworth Church Clock

We are always happy to visit your clock to carry out maintenance or repair but in some cases we provide the parts and the client does the rest.  Our most recent project was Petworth Church clock in West Sussex where although the clock already had an electric winder in place it didn’t keep time very well so it still required a weekly climb up the tower to keep it as accurate as possible.

Our ‘season change’ regulator or STC Regulator was the perfect solution to this problem and could easily be installed by the client too. We sent the product to Petworth and it was installed in just one day:

‘All in all it’s a clever piece of kit. The fact that it could be installed in less than a day, is a credit to the design; and it’s all controlled by this little computer or PLC (programmable logic controller) to give it its correct title. So thank you to Richard White of Richard White Clocks who designed and built the unit.’

Geoff Rix – Petworth Church

Petworth STC Regulator The STC Regulator having been installed at Petworth Church.

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