Tower Clock Canada

  • Project type: Self installed auto-drives
  • Clock type: Two train flatbed
  • Building: Tower Clock, Dresden, Ontario – Canada

The public clock in a Canadian municipal building required regular winding due to building alterations. Because of the huge distances involved with this project, ‘self installation’ was

the only option. The installers received all the information they required by way of email and website information and the drives were installed very soon after they were despatched.

“We were very pleased with the design and construction of the ‘Auto Winder ‘units that we purchased. The installation of these units did not alter the historic aspect of the clock.  As a result of the weight chamber having been shortened the clock would only run 4 days on a winding resulting in an employee climbing the tower twice a week. The Auto Winder solved this problem.”

Edward Arthur, Chatham, Ontario, Canada