St Radegund Church, Scruton, North Yorkshire

  • Project type: Self installed auto-drive
  • Clock type: Timepiece
  • Building: St Radegund Church, Scruton, North Yorkshire
A retired electrical engineer carried out a very tidy installation of two auto-drives and a magnetic pendulum regulator at their church.

The project was completed very shortly after collection of the equipment. Another example of a ‘self installation’ project where any other alternative would have been financially prohibitive

“Our installation required 2 auto-wind mechanisms and we also installed a regulator. All the equipment which was provided was efficiently and fully demonstrated to us and this enabled us to install the equipment ourselves. It was quite easy to install, taking only a couple of hours and has operated perfectly ever since. Richard provided adequate instructions and advice and we are very happy with the service provided and with the completed installation.”

Peter Williams, Scruton, North Yorkshire