Hadley House, North London

  • Project type: Self installed auto-drive
  • Clock type: Two train birdcage
  • Building: Two train birdcage

This historic two train birdcage clock was incorporated into a building restoration.
The new location of the clock precluded the use of conventional drive weights and the

consequent need for regular winding access. The smooth and silent operation of one of our AW40 drives was an ideal solution for this most unusual application.

“Your product is excellent in every way – it’s just a shame there aren’t more clocks needing your winder! You’d be a rich man – rest assured I will recommend you should I ever come across a clock ‘in need’. I guess, though, that the internet is by far your best way of reaching potential customers – it was only thanks to your website that I found you; I was all set to start designing something from scratch, and using a far more complex method!”

Jonathan Ryder, Barnet, London